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Public events : By uploading and summiting your image and logo to our e-mail ,
you as a customer is responsible for obtaining all copyright and the authorization to use the image for the events. 
We as a printing company does not sell any design nor license image as a product.  We are only responsible for the printing services.
Providing edible printing for Bakeries, Chocolatiers, and Food Service Professionals
edible prints and logos printing service for bakeries, chocolatiers, and food service professionals | design | topper | icing sheet | cake |
Price Rates $6 per sheet Limit of 1 image file one sheet Ask about rates for multiple images on one sheet (1/4 sheet only) (We do not print full images that fill the whole 1/4 sheets unless you have an on going business account with us ) $15 Text Fee per file(If you need us to add text onto your image) wholesale Pricing start at 100 sheets.  Please call for these rates. $20 Rush Order Fee (Same or Next day shipping) 2.13" = 12 logos 3.25" = 6 Logos biz card = 10 logos Quarter Sheets 7.5” x 9.5” Business Card 3.5” x 1.875”
Ordering Information We will get back to you about your order and then send a Paypal invoice to your email address for you to clear before your order will be produced. All of our tansactions are through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay your invoice. Do not send us your billing info in the body of emails. We will not print any order unless payment has been made in full. For Large wholesale cookie orders other payment terms are available. Please call only if you need wholesale rates.  We need to look at your image first so please send us an email prior to calling.  Please view the section of our site about color and quality of print to help determine if you need to make any changes to your image. Order Now 24/7 online  We print and ship Monday to Friday
Shipping Method Options Shipping time line ( after your invoice is clear ) $7 Shipping and Handle  (USPS Priority Mail 5 to 10 biz days) $20 USPS Express Mail ( Up to 15 sheets ) $40 USPS Express Mail ( 15 sheets to 50 sheets ) $15 to $20 UPS Ground Shipping ( 2 to 5 biz days ) $20 Rush Fee (For images that need to ship next day) Ship out within 2 days USPS Priority Mail 5 to 10 biz days UPS - Next day, 2 days, 3 days or ground. Monday to Friday 10am USPS Shipping , 1pm UPS / Rush order Shipping No Pick ups! Rush orders ship out same or next day. Rush Orders need to be in and your invoice cleared by 10am (USPS) or 12pm (UPS) We check all orders for damage before shipping. All sales are final  Once the package is shipped its no longer our responsibility and its up to the shipping provider. So please check your tracking for package updates and information. Please always give some extra days when placing an order to avoid late shipments or other problems.  All orders are shipped out in zip lock bags in envelopes that are protecting the images from the light.  Each pack comes with care instructions
 UPS Ground - End of day Delay normally fix in 1 day We ship Monday to Friday at 10am Rush Order Drop off 1pm No Sat and Sunday Shipping  UPS Next Day Air AM UPS Next Day Air -End of day UPS 2 Days Air - End of day UPS 3 Days - End of day  International Order ups standard international ups express
 Priority Mail - 5 to 10 biz days Express Mail 1 to 3 biz days Delay fix can be from 5 to 14 days We ship Monday to Friday at 10am Express Mail 1 to 2day before 10am 2 to 3 days after 10am No Afternoon Drop off No Sat and Sunday ship out
 Image quality & color Black food coloring is made using many colors as a result any areas with grey shading can sometime have a blue, green or purple hue to them. This will be more apparent in black and white photos. Black or solid color text logos work best. Colors like blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink and purple print well but will not be exact matches. Large black areas or backgrounds will not print well we may reject your images if you send it. Please keep in mind this is to ensure your satisfaction. We cannot print metallic. Tips about color Edible ink will not print exactly the same as a regular printer. We understand that some clients may be particular about color when it comes to their logos. We recommend in these cases that you order 1 sheet so you can see a physical sample before placing a large order. Please proof all images you send us. We will not make any changes to your image unless you ask us to. Mockup will be sent for any graphics work we do for approval prior to printing.
Wholesale logo cookies order EdiblePrinting.com has been featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and has countless clients in the foodservice and corporate worlds. We understand that sometimes its not always possible to produce logo cookies in every facility. We have created wholesale logo cookie to give you the opportunity to take orders that you might not normally feel comfortable producing. We are keeping things very simple so we can maintain our low prices. We offer both 2 and 3 inch circle sugar cookies.  Our minimum order is 120 cookies.  You have the option of either buying them bulk or individually wrapped.  All cookies will be shipped in cello bags.  For individually wrapped orders each bag will be tied with white grosgrain ribbon.  Bags for bulk orders will be closed with wafer seals so that they are easy to cut open and plated for service. Price Rate 2 inch         Bulk $2 ea            Wrapped $2.50 ea 3 inch         Bulk $3 ea            Wrapped $3.50 ea Production time 10 business days for regular orders. 5 business days or less is considered a rush order and is subject to a rush fee of up to 50%.  They are also subject to approval based on our production schedule that week. All order are shipped via UPS. Please Follow the following format when ordering: Use Wholesale Cookie Order as the subject of your email. Attach your image file.  Please read edibleprinting.com for image submission details and guidelines. List the Following 1. Size of cookie. 2. Number of units. 3. Let us know if this is a single run or an ongoing project. 4. Date you need your order delivered. 5.  zip code so that we can calculate shipping. We will send a paypal invoice to your e-mail address for you to clear so we can process your order. The printing service is done by edible printing LLC Cookies are produced by our independent supplier.
We try to keep things simple so all the info you need is on this one page. To help speed up your order please take your time and read this page before placing your order.
Please format your orders as follows 1.  Name / Company name 2.  What size sheet 3.  How many sheets 4.  Please let us know if you need text added to your image($15 fee) 4.  Date you need to recieve your order and your zipcode. 5.  Attach your image file to your email. JPG or PNG files only(300DPI or greater).. We will not use images links)
Featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST wholesale rates please call 212-203-8275   Order by Email edibleprinting@gmail.com Order Online 24/7 We will respond within the  same day if you order during business hours
FAQ Can I pick it up? No. There is no pick up. Can you print my image 100% center in the circle? No, because each sheet is lay out a little different so we can print close to the center but will not be 100%. It takes about 5 sheets or so to somewhat center the image. Can you please print my image close to the edge of the circle? No, Each sheet is a little different so we always like to print the image a bit smaller to make sure it stays inside the circle.  This will also help with your production with getting the image off and centering the image on your cookie or cupcake. Can you put more than one image file on the same circle sheet? No, 1 image file is for 1 sheet. Do I get to see a proof of the sample print? Yes, if your order is over 50 sheets or if this is a cookie order. No, if your order is under 50 sheets. Do you give extra sheets? No, please order extra just in case. Yes, if your order is a wholesale order. We normally will give 1 to 3 free sheets. What is the fastest way to order? Email is the fastest way because we can't see your image over the phone. In the end, we still need to make sure the image is ok for printing. How long do I have to clear invoice? Invoices need to be cleared asap for rush order and within 24 hours for normal order. Your order is not placed until you have paid.  The invoice/order will be cancel within 2 days if is not clear. Is the circle 2” and 3” exact?  No. its 2.13” and 3.25” but we say 2” or 3” circle to keep things simple. Do you print big full images file on 1/4 sheet ? Pattern for the side of cake, Camo pattarn, animal skin , full sheet photo ? No, we don’t print image that fill the whole 1/4 sheet . For example full color patterns or any image that have limited white spacing .. ect The main reason we don’t print this type of image file is becuase it clog out printers. feel free to send in your image but we might not be able to print it for you. Can I place an order over the phone ? No, you can only order over email and payment is only with paypal invoice. (you don’t need a paypal account to pay paypal invoice) We need to see the image file 1st before we can put a ticket in for your order.
Print your custom logos, images or designs for use on cookies, cupcakes or cakes.
We also offer custom edible cake toppers, models, and cookie displays. Please email us your ideas or requests and we will promptly get back to you with a quote. Some of these items require several days of drying time and require at least a two week turnaround time so please keep this in mind when placing your order.
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edible printing service for bakeries, chocolatiers, and food service professionals. Print your custom logos and images with us today.
Project images using our edible printing service Photos by Colette’s Cake www.Colettescakes.com  
Edible printing service for your custom logo and images . Wholesale custom logo cookies and cake toppers
Privacy Statement & Disclamers We do not share or post any information about our clients , their logos, projects or pictures of their events without permission. You must send in your own graphic for printing. We don't sell, create nor fix your graphic. We print for major sports teams, corporate events, press and etc.  Customers are responsible for obtaining any and all copyright authorizations to use the images for their events. We do not sell licensed images. All images are printed using FDA approved food color ink. We do a mock-up for all custom orders involving changes to your images to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Our service provides a low cost product with a fast turn around time so that you can take and price orders with confidence.  For us every order is important so we carefully monitor each print job to ensure the quality of each page we deliver to you. We are not responsible for any Shipping company delay.  Please keep in mind that these images are printed with food colorings and the inks will not behave in the same manner as your regular printer there are limitations to this technology. We cannot guarantee exact color matches. No Pick ups! Rush orders ship out same or next day. Rush Orders need to be in and your invoice cleared by 9am (USPS)  and 10am (UPS) We check all orders for damage before shipping, but please open your pacakge once you receiced in the mail to make sure everything is ok with in the package. All sales are final